Today’s world places considerable value on physical attractiveness and youthful looks, and the media is constantly emphasizing that ‘what is beautiful is good’. Often the facial features are fully involved in the construction of personality because they represent a means of identification, a primary source of direct, accessible and non-verbal communication.

Face and smile through it, proved to be a real social passport. Studies and clinical experience have also shown that dental appearance has become an important issue in modern society and can influence why people decide to seek dental treatment. The perception of beauty is becoming increasingly important to each and every one of us.

In fact the improvement in physical function is not the overriding motivation for people receiving dental treatment but the improvement of the aesthetic is a powerful factor in initiating treatment.People who have lost teeth are more aware of their dental condition that others do not require dental treatment.

Together with the eyes and the mouth, teeth are one of the first things we notice about a person. One’s cosmetic appearance can influence how one is judged by others.