Treatments - Dentures

In cases pacients lost most or all of their teeth, dentures or complete dentures can help them to replace the missing teeth. The majority of dentures made for patients use a stereotype dental appearance with white and well-aligned teeth. However technically it is possible to create dentures that look as if the natural teeth had survived. Such dental natural appearance would allow the patient to keep the denture secret and undetectable from his social environment. This prosthetic privacy can improve the self-esteem, the quality of the denture wearer’s life and not in the last can preserve the dignity of the person. Partial dentures may also be a useful solution if the patient lost several teeth but still have some remaining. Thanks to new technology, there is a better way to improve retention and to keep dentures in place without adhesive: anchoring them to dental implants through a minimally surgical procedure. “Your dentures can make a world of difference to you.” John Besford